Kitchener Stitch Guides Have Arrived

That’s right! I’ve just received a shipment of Kitchener Stitch Guides. If you have ever had to graft an invisible seam, chances are you’ve used the kitchener stitch. It’s the preferred method when you don’t want to see or feel a seam in your knitting. It’s used at the toes of socks, under the arms of sweaters or a scarf knit in two sections. Basically anywhere you need to graft live stitches together to create a seamless join.

Who doesn’t need a little kitchener stitch refresher now and again? With our lightweight guide measures approx. 6 x 7 cm and lets you have instructions for grafting live stitches together at your fingertips! Keep it on your keychain, inside your knitting bag, or hang it directly on your project bag.

Kitchener Stitch Guide


Cost is $12.00 plus shipping. Send me a note if you’d like one!

Signature: Heart Barb

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