A Knitter’s Christmas Blessing

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As we say good-bye to 2020 I want to leave you with my Knitter’s Christmas Blessing. May it make you smile and warm your heart.

I don’t think many of us could have imagined that this year our world would be immobilized by COVID-19. It has effected every country in the world and so many areas of our lives. Lockdowns, school closures, job losses, people working from home and many social events have been canceled or postponed. Those are just a few of the things we’ve had to cope with this year, not to mention ¬†isolation, masks, hand sanitizer, toilet paper hoarding, and most importantly, time apart from loved ones. But before you think I am becoming too maudlin I want to share with you some of the reasons I found to be joyful in this year of the pandemic.¬†

  • Family
  • Friends
  • Zoom and FaceTime (how wonderful to see the faces of those I love when seeing them in person isn’t prudent)
  • Neighbors helping neighbors
  • Outdoor adventures
  • Opportunities to be creative
  • Quiet time for reflection
  • Knitting
  • Netflix and other streaming services
  • Online shopping
  • Sunshine
  • A vaccine for COVID-19

A Knitter’s Christmas Blessing

As we prepare to celebrate the holidays while having to forego some of our favorite family traditions, may you find time to knit a few stitches and reflect on this past year. May the warmth of your home and the hope of next year’s Christmas fill your heart with love and gladness.

A Knitter's Christmas Blessing

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Please stay safe and happy knitting!

Signature: Heart Barb

P.S. Should your stash of yarn become depleted, please feel free to check out my online store.

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