2 Niddy Noddies and 2 skeins of yarn

How To Make a Niddy Noddy for Mini Skeins

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In this post I will give you instructions on how to make your own niddy noddy for mini skeins of yarn. Okay, maybe I will give you the instructions my husband followed when he made me a niddy noddy for mini skeins, lol! I’ve really been enjoying dying mini skeins. These mini skeins are only 20 grams and are made up of roughly 90 yards of yarn. When these skeins come out of the dye pot they are quite tangled.… Read More »How To Make a Niddy Noddy for Mini Skeins

Walls of our tent being blown about

A Windy Day at the Port Elgin Farmer’s Market

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We had another fun day at the Port Elgin Farmer’s Market yesterday despite wind gusts in excess of 80km/hour and a torrential downpour. I never knew how much of an impact weather can have on an outdoor event until this week. The day started off cloudy and thunder showers were in the forecast as my hubby and I drove over to set up my booth. We both wondered when the bad weather would hit and we both hoped it would… Read More »A Windy Day at the Port Elgin Farmer’s Market

Booth of the South Beach Yarn Co at the Port Elgin Farmer's Market

South Beach Yarn Co At The Port Elgin Farmer’s Market

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Yesterday we set up our booth at the Port Eglin Farmer’s Market. It is the first time I have participated in such an event and I must say that it was a blast. I’ve spent the last couple of months dyeing yarn, sewing Bento Bags and making stitch markers in anticipation of joining this event. Seeing the display and all the product I created come together was so satisfying. This year the Port Elgin Farmer’s Market runs every Wednesday from… Read More »South Beach Yarn Co At The Port Elgin Farmer’s Market

Winter in April

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It’s winter in April. I can’t believe it! Spring is taking its time arriving this year. On Facebook people are joking it’s January 108th or something like that and I can’t help but smirk at the sarcasm. Actually, it’s April 18 and yesterday while walking my grand-fur baby I took this picture of a snowman on my neighbor’s front yard. The wind was blowing and it was snowing. Don’t get me wrong, I quite like winter and all the fun… Read More »Winter in April

Close up of yarn floating in a dye-pot

Dying Yarn

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Dying yarn is a wonderfully creative process that I love exploring. Not many things bring me as much joy as when I get to add fiber to a dye pot. I love color and I love fiber. There is no end to the variance of color you can create. Being able to combine the two is a wonderful feeling. Two weekends ago I introduced my youngest daughter to dying yarn. She is artistic by nature and soon began experimenting with the… Read More »Dying Yarn

Butterlfy Lane Socks

Butterfly Lane Socks: Creating My First Knitting Pattern

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Recently I’ve taken the leap into designing knitting patterns. My spring-inspired pattern, called Butterfly Lane Socks, is my first forray into this creative art. Let me tell you how this pattern came about. It has been a long cold winter with little sunshine and I’m anxious for some warm spring weather. Spring has officially arrived but the cold winds off the lake are keeping the temperatures below freezing. The lovely sunshine isn’t enough to keep me warm. The cold winds… Read More »Butterfly Lane Socks: Creating My First Knitting Pattern