Antique Bronze Removable Stitch Markers

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Removable stitch markers are a small but mighty tool when it comes to knitting. I use them in multiple ways: keeping track of stitch counts as I knit marking the beginning of a round when knitting in the round for counting cast on stitches, placing one every 20 stitches  marking the right side of my work for sectioning out pattern repeats. It’s so much easier to see when I’ve made a mistake in a section rather than when I get… Read More »Antique Bronze Removable Stitch Markers

Knitter Definition Knitting Themed Greeting Card

Knitting Themed Greeting Cards

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When I first started offering my yarn for sale at the Port Eglin Farmer’s Market I asked my daughter to create some knitting themed greeting cards for me to sell. We came up with the wording together but she did the artwork and design. I love how these cards turned out. It wasn’t too long into the Farmer’s Market season that I realized crocheters also wanted their own themed cards and again my daughter and I collaborated to the come up… Read More »Knitting Themed Greeting Cards

Kitchener Stitch Guides Have Arrived

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I’ve just received a shipment of Kitchener Stitch Guides. If you have ever had to graft an invisible seam, chances are you’ve used the kitchener stitch. It’s the preferred method when you don’t want to see or feel a seam in your knitting. It’s used at the toes of socks, under the arms of sweaters or a scarf knit in two sections. Basically anywhere you need to graft live stitches together to create a seamless join. Who doesn’t need a little… Read More »Kitchener Stitch Guides Have Arrived

2 Niddy Noddies and 2 skeins of yarn

How To Make a Niddy Noddy for Mini Skeins

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In this post I will give you instructions on how to make your own niddy noddy for mini skeins of yarn. Okay, maybe I will give you the instructions my husband followed when he made me a niddy noddy for mini skeins, lol! I’ve really been enjoying dying mini skeins. These mini skeins are only 20 grams and are made up of roughly 90 yards of yarn. When these skeins come out of the dye pot they are quite tangled.… Read More »How To Make a Niddy Noddy for Mini Skeins