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Speckled Yarn

Creating speckled yarn is one of my favorite ways to color fibre. One of the reasons I like it so much is because the end result is always a bit of a surprise. After having applied the dye to the yarn I never quite know what the finished product will look like.

The process of creating speckled yarn takes time and requires patience. After applying dye to the fibre it needs heat to set it. When it’s been heated (or as I like to say cooked) the yarn needs time to cool before being washed and left to air dry. Finally, after all the heating, cooling, washing, and drying is complete it is time for reskeining. As the yarn comes off the swift and is wound unto the niddy noddy you finally get to see the finished result. The pictures below show the six skeins of speckled yarn in the pot ready for heat setting.

Pretty Speckled Yarn

As you can see from these pictures it’s hard to tell what the skeins will actually look like, but you can already see the rich colors and the promise of something pretty.

Here are the six skeins, rinsed, washed, air-dried and reskeined. Can you tell which was which in the dye pot?

6 Skeins of Speckled Yarn
From top to bottom: Goody Two Shoes, Tangelo Splash, Confetti, Splash, Sun-kissed Surf, Amethyst Ice

Which one is your favorite?

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