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Knitter Definition Knitting Themed Greeting Card

Knitting Themed Greeting Cards

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When I first started offering my yarn for sale at the Port Eglin Farmer’s Market I asked my daughter to create some knitting themed greeting cards for me to sell. We came up with the wording together but she did the artwork and design. I love how these cards turned out. It wasn’t too long into the Farmer’s Market season that I realized crocheters also wanted their own themed cards and again my daughter and I collaborated to the come up… Read More »Knitting Themed Greeting Cards

Yarno! is bingo card with knitting terms


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How are you managing in these difficult times? Are you managing to connect with people and keep yourself busy? I am working hard to keep myself entertained with yarn dying, knitting, connecting with friends and family on social media, Facetime and Zoom, reading, and making up silly little games like this one. Yarno! is exactly like bingo except for knitters. Have a look at the words in the boxes, for every knitting activity you’ve completed in the last week fill… Read More »Yarno!

Purl, a Pixar SparkShorts

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I can’t resist sharing this Pixar SparkShort with you. Purl is a pink ball of yarn trying to find her way in the corporate world. Her story is as relevant today as it was yesterday. What are some of your favorite parts? Enjoy!