Map of Woolstock Agriplex Building

Woolstock 2021 Here We Come!

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Woolstock 2021, here we come! Mark October 16th on your calendar and plan a road trip to Paris, Ontario. This year’s event will take place at the Paris Fairgrounds located at 139 Silver Street, in Paris. I’ve been busy with my dye pans and that has put a smile on my face and a spring in my step. It’s been such a rewarding process, playing with colour and achieving some really wonderful results. I’m bringing along new colourways like Jelly… Read More »Woolstock 2021 Here We Come!

Muskoka Yarn and Fibre Fest

Muskoka Yarn & FibreFest Is a Go

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I’m so happy to announce that the Muskoka Yarn & FibreFest is a go this year. The show takes place August 28. This is will be the first yarn show for many us since the pandemic hit last March. What a wonderful feeling of normalcy this announcement brings to my soul. I can’t wait to reunite with the fibre loving community. In anticipation, I have dusted off my dye pots and been busy dying yarn for the show. I’ve created… Read More »Muskoka Yarn & FibreFest Is a Go

Ball of kinked yarn

How To Unkink Yarn

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Have you ever unraveled a project just to have a kinked up mess of yarn? This recently happened to me and this is the method I developed for how to unkink yarn. I hope it helps you the next time you find yourself in a similar predicament. A few weeks ago, I offered to knit a project for a friend who had lost her mojo for knitting the Dragonfly Path shawl. You may remember I was a part of a… Read More »How To Unkink Yarn

A Knitter's Christmas Blessing

A Knitter’s Christmas Blessing

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As we say good-bye to 2020 I want to leave you with my Knitter’s Christmas Blessing. May it make you smile and warm your heart. I don’t think many of us could have imagined that this year our world would be immobilized by COVID-19. It has effected every country in the world and so many areas of our lives. Lockdowns, school closures, job losses, people working from home and many social events have been canceled or postponed. Those are just… Read More »A Knitter’s Christmas Blessing

Detail shot of Dragonfly's Path

Dragonfly’s Path Shawl Pattern

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This summer I had the wonderful privilege of being a member of a small knitting group. We met once a week as time allowed and all worked on the Dragonfly’s Path Shawl pattern. Long before Covid-19 hit and changed our world, I was part of a team that served dinner to our community. This was an outreach project that our local church hosted. My participation on this ministry team was rewarding in many ways and one of those ways was meeting two kindred spirits that… Read More »Dragonfly’s Path Shawl Pattern

Little girl wearing a bobble hat

Bulky Yarn Now Available

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Bulky yarn is now available in my shop. This yarn is super squishy and delightfully soft. It’s perfect for hats, cowls, and shawls. I added this yarn to my shop because I knew it would be perfect for making the Bobble Hat pattern that I designed last year. As soon as I received the yarn I set to dying two skeins of it in one of my favorite colorways, Confetti. I could hardly wait for the yarn to dry so… Read More »Bulky Yarn Now Available

Antique Bronze Removable Stitch Markers

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Removable stitch markers are a small but mighty tool when it comes to knitting. I use them in multiple ways: keeping track of stitch counts as I knit marking the beginning of a round when knitting in the round for counting cast on stitches, placing one every 20 stitches  marking the right side of my work for sectioning out pattern repeats. It’s so much easier to see when I’ve made a mistake in a section rather than when I get… Read More »Antique Bronze Removable Stitch Markers

A bag of South Beach Yarn

Spin Me A Yarn Virtual Trunk Show

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In just a few days many of my yarn babies will be traveling to Spin Me A Yarn (SMAY), in Etobicoke for a virtual trunk show. I was contacted by Treena the owner of the shop after she saw the videos I produced for the takeover of the Toronto Knitters Guild Instagram account.  My yarn will arrive just in time to be featured by SMAY during the The Great Toronto Yarn Hop happening July 11-18. The Yarn Hop sounds like it will be… Read More »Spin Me A Yarn Virtual Trunk Show

Knitter Definition Knitting Themed Greeting Card

Knitting Themed Greeting Cards

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When I first started offering my yarn for sale at the Port Eglin Farmer’s Market I asked my daughter to create some knitting themed greeting cards for me to sell. We came up with the wording together but she did the artwork and design. I love how these cards turned out. It wasn’t too long into the Farmer’s Market season that I realized crocheters also wanted their own themed cards and again my daughter and I collaborated to the come up… Read More »Knitting Themed Greeting Cards

Hand Knit Socks for Taya

Hand Knit Socks for Taya

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These hand knit socks for Taya were made for her by her grandmother. Taya loves getting and wearing hand-made socks and I don’t think she is alone in that feeling. I love making and wearing hand-knit socks but have never been the lucky recipent of a pair. The socks she received were made with my super fine alpaca, merino and nylon yarn. It’s a wonderfully soft, silky blend of fibres that is warm and delightful to wear. Her grandmother affectionately… Read More »Hand Knit Socks for Taya