Antique Bronze Removable Stitch Markers

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Removable stitch markers are a small but mighty tool when it comes to knitting. I use them in multiple ways:

  • keeping track of stitch counts as I knit
  • marking the beginning of a round when knitting in the round
  • for counting cast on stitches, placing one every 20 stitches 
  • marking the right side of my work
  • for sectioning out pattern repeats. It’s so much easier to see when I’ve made a mistake in a section rather than when I get to the end of the row
  • counting knit rows. I place a removable stitch marker every X number of rows
  • to mark where increases and decreases should occur
  • holding a dropped stitch in place until you can pick it up thus stopping the dropped stitch from unraveling any further and doing more damage

I’ve created some really pretty antique bronze removablestitch markers embellished with sweet little glass beads. They can be used as stitch markers or progress keepers, or for attaching tags to your hand-made items. However you choose to use them I’m sure you’ll love them! These markers easily slide onto 6mm knitting needles.

How do you use your stitch markers?

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