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On Sunday June 7, 2020 I had the privilege of taking over the Toronto Knitters Guild Instagram feed. If you missed the videos I posted then I would love to share them with you today. In order to show you the videos I made I decided it would be best to start a YouTube channel. On the day of the takeover I released five short videos in which I took the opportunity to introduce myself and demonstrate a new dye method I like to use. The dye method that I’m demonstrating I’ve nicknamed Surprise Dye Pot. I hope you have few minutes to watch the videos I posted.

My YouTube Debut

Planning and making these videos was a very scary and personally stretching experience. I haven’t actually produced a video before but with the help of my husband who did the camera (iPhone) work and editing I believe we did a pretty good job.

The original videos we had prepared for the takeover were just under 2 minutes long. To our horror when I went to upload the first video, I found out Instagram videos can only be 1 minute long. We quickly headed back to the computer and began editing and cutting out scenes to get the videos down to the required length. I am happy to report that, after all that stress, we are still married 😉

Please consider subscribing to my YouTube channel. My plan for the channel is to feature knitting show and tells, yarn dying methods and any knitting tips I might have to share.

It is my hope that you enjoyed watching how my newest color-way Tropical Reef was created. My silk and merino yarn is an absolutely delightful fibre and perfect for any knitting or crochet project. This blend of fibres gives your handmade item a beautiful drape and the yarn has a lovely sheen. It’s perfect for shawls, sweaters, shrugs and even socks.

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